Mysteries Beyond the Open Gate – Part 2




Join us for the second part of Mysteries Beyond the Open Gate.

This incredible teaching featuring David Van Koevering will help you dive deep into the mysteries of God.

We explore quantum faith and explain the secrets of God’s intent for us, mankind!

PART 2 includes topics such as:

  • The Power of life and death are in the tongue!
  • Discover words have intent!
  • God has made us priests in His Kingdom, act like it.
  • Who is the creative source? Where does creativity come from?
  • What is a QWIFF and how to you pop-it?
  • Why did God brood over the waters?
  • “Say and Do” what God is saying and doing!
  • How to claim your miracle!
  • Tap into the supply of all your needs!
  • Careful what you see & say!
  • You are an extension of God!
  • It’s time for the church to take the high ground!
  • It’s all about Frequencies
  • Jesus could walk through walls and on water!
  • Your body is electrical!
  • Make sure you pop the correct Qwiff!
  • Entangled with God, what does it mean?
  • “Intent”, what is it and how to make it work for you!
  • God’s Una-verse
  • The Days of Miracles


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